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Wellness Area

A thermal route for family between fun and relax. All the baths are fed by naturally warm thermal water that leave your skin relaxed and hydrated. 

Daily admission Adult
28 €
Daily admission Adult


Make the very most of a day at the Bormio spa complex with treatments within our Beauty Centre. 

Body active massage
49 €
Body active massage
Body active massage
49 €
Body active massage

Our Courses

Water is a genuine ally in facilitating the physical and mental health for all ages. Resident staff can boast years of experience in water activities and organise courses for adults, infants, children and the whole family indeed. Starting with water-based activities like swimming, give hydro-bike and aqua-fitness programmes a try… discover the full range of activities available at Bormio Terme.

62 €

Cafè and Restaurant

“Terme Bistrot” and “Terrace Bar” are our areas to rediscover the joy of staying together. 

Thermal Cures Rates

Legs care

The treatment consists in passing through pools with different temperatures in order to make a vascular activity efficient for the legs' comfort. Suggested in case of HVOD and peripheral vasculopathy, the treatment is effective against blemishes like cellulitis, capillary weakness and ankles' oedemas. It works well alongside other physiokinesitherapic and beauty treatments.



Bormio Terme LAB

Bormio Terme LAB, with the support of Tecnobody's tech, is a highly innovative physiotherapy and motor rehabilitation centre based on actual evaluations and employs a technology 100% made in Italy.

It's based on a thin balance between prevention and health improvement and it develops on three different fields: Rehab, Health and Sport Performance's programs. 




Medical Check Up

On a rotation basis, during the opening times of the cures department, Dr. Cinzia Fiorentini (Dean of Medicine), Dr. Iuga Carmen Nicoleta, Dr. Eugenio Occhi and Dr. Saverio De Lorenzo


Inhalation treatments

To be carried out just with thermal water. Suitable for all the chronic bronchial rhinosinusitis and allergic pathologies.
Appliances for sonic aerosol are also available (indicated for rhinopathies and allergic conditions), as well as micronised showers with a detergent action on scabs and mucous secretions preparing for the next inhalations round.


Mud and Water Therapy

Through the mud and water therapy we try to prevent and cure rheumatic disorders. This kind of therapy is carried out in three phases: application of the thermal mud (47-50° C), bath in thermal water, relax wrapped in sheets.  

Water therapy, instead, is a cure approach that implies the soaking in a single pool filled with thermal water (38° C).



Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine which consists in the manipulation of some parts of the body, in particular the back, the neck and the head to restore harmony and rebalance body tensions.


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Under the regular guidance of physiotherapists and the monitoring of medical specialists, that follow the patient throughout his physiotherapeutic path and set up personalised programmes. The treatment is suggested for those who suffered an injury, patients pre and post surgery or after immobilisation, with arthrosis-related damage or neurological patients, etc. 


Physical Therapies

The Thermal Cure department of Bormio Terme offers a wide range of physical therapies carried out with the subsidy of technical equipment.

The use of physical means for therapeutic purposes represents a specific tool of the rehabilitative practice.

The physical therapy is normally part of a rehabilitative program with the aim of the full recovery of the patient. 

A medical examination within our facility is required before the beginning of the therapy.

Check out below the range of our therapies and by agreement with the medic follow the one that is more appropriate for your pathology.   

Ultrasound Therapy

The ultrasound therapy is based on vibrations that spread like waves of compression-decompression with a "come and go movement" of the particles of the transmission tool.

The iteration with the biologic tissues produces mechanical, thermal, chemical and cavitation effects.

This therapy is suggested for all the pathologies that affect the musculoskeletal system because of its analgesic effect: sciatica, neuritis, periarthritis etc.



Iontophoresis consists of an instrumental physical process that allows the penetration of meds dissolved in a water solution through the tissues, thanks to the one-way electrical current. 

It's a therapy suitable for traumatic, inflammatory and degenerative diseases.



Tens is an electrical therapy that makes use of the transcutaneous electrical stimulation.

Tens employs the usage of a pulsed electrical current that tackles the physical pain due to various causes: tenderness, neuralgia, numbness, tiredness, pulled muscle etc. 

Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy makes use of the action of a magnetic field led by the electrical current that goes through an electromagnetic coil with an antiphlogistic purpose that also stimulates the tissues recovery process; especially the ones of the osteomuscular apparatus with a post-trauma origin. 

Mains fields of application are: pseudarthrosis, delays in the consolidation of fractures, rheumatisms and ulcers.

Bormio Terme also offers the chance of renting the equipment for a month. 

For more information, you can address the Thermal Cure department on the first floor of the facility.


Personal Care rehabilitation

Personal Care is a combination of physical and manual therapies which provides an individual client with the services of a professional physiotherapist for an hour-long session. Programme and treatments are adapted according to the development along each therapeutic course undertaken and the requirements of the individual client. It is suitable for anyone in post-injury recovery, in practical rehabilitation, in a post-surgery phase, and in the maintenance of body tone.


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