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Wellness Area

A thermal route for family between fun and relax. All the baths are fed by naturally warm thermal water that leave your skin relaxed and hydrated. 

Adult Daily Entrance
21 €
Adult Daily Entrance

Beauty and Massages

Make the very most of a day at the Bormio spa complex with treatments within our Beauty Centre. 

Tuina Chinese Massage
45 €
Tuina Chinese Massage

Beauty Line

To beneficial properties of thermal waters led to the creation of Bormio Terme's Cosmetic Line, products which rely exclusively on the most natural elements. 

Purifying Facial Cream
25 €
Purifying Facial Cream

Our Courses

Water is a genuine ally in facilitating the physical and mental health for all ages. Resident staff can boast years of experience in water activities and organise courses for adults, infants, children and the whole family indeed. Starting with water-based activities like swimming, give hydro-bike and aqua-fitness programmes a try… discover the full range of activities available at Bormio Terme.

80 €

Cafè and Restaurant

“Terme Bistrot” and “Terrace Bar” are our areas to rediscover the joy of staying together. 

Water's properties

From the Cinglaccia.

The thermal water that supplies Bormio Terme comes from the "Cinglaccia" spring where it gushes out at a temperature of between 37°c and 40°c degrees centigrade.

Classification: Mineral sulphate bicarbonate alkaline-earth, slightly radioactive thermal water.

Organic and chemical characteristics:

Colour: Colourless
Odour: Odourless
Specific electrical conductivity μS/cm 18°C 1.277
pH: 7
Free carbon dioxide (CO2) mg/l: 20,6
Fixed residue at 180°c mg/l: 1.202
Total hardness °f mg/l: 84
Oxidation to permanganate: 0,3
Ammonia (NH3) mg/l: <0,05
Nitrites (NO2) mg/l: <0,02
Nitrates(NO3) mg/l: 0,35
Silica(SiO2) mg/l: 23,6
Potassium(K+) mg/l: 4,7
Sodium(Na+) mg/l: 21
Magnesium(Mg++) mg/l: 60
Calcium(Ca++) mg/l: 240
Chloride(CL-) mg/l: 7
Bicarbonate(HCO3-) mg/l: 164,7
Sulphate(SO4--) mg/l: 733
Iron(Fe) mg/l: 0
Manganese(Mn) mg/l: 0,005
Copper (Cu) mg/l: 0,007
Lead (Pb) mg/l: 0,03
Chromium (Cr) mg/l: 0,015
Chromium VI (Cr) mg/l: <0,01
Zinc (Zn) mg/l: 0,015
Cadmium (Cd) mg/l: 0,007

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