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Wellness Area

A thermal route for family between fun and relax. All the baths are fed by naturally warm thermal water that leave your skin relaxed and hydrated. 

Adult Daily Entrance
24 €
Adult Daily Entrance

Beauty and Massages

Make the very most of a day at the Bormio spa complex with treatments within our Beauty Centre. 

Tuina Chinese Massage
45 €
Tuina Chinese Massage

Our Courses

Water is a genuine ally in facilitating the physical and mental health for all ages. Resident staff can boast years of experience in water activities and organise courses for adults, infants, children and the whole family indeed. Starting with water-based activities like swimming, give hydro-bike and aqua-fitness programmes a try… discover the full range of activities available at Bormio Terme.

80 €

Cafè and Restaurant

“Terme Bistrot” and “Terrace Bar” are our areas to rediscover the joy of staying together. 

Health care and thermal cures

Since 1920 Bormio Terme is a spa specialised in Thermal cures.

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In 1920 Bormio Terme established itself as a spa complex specialised in thermal cures. At the heart of the operation and activities are the thermal waters themselves with their natural sulphates, bicarbonates, alkalines and earthiness which spring from the mountain at a temperature between 37 and 40°C and play a vital role in the Thermal Cure department situated on the 1st floor of the complex.

At Bormio Terme you can make use of treatments affiliated with the Italian National Health Service (the establishment is classified at the very highest level by the Ministry) or through private practice.

The priceless thermal waters at Bormio Terme are used for Inhalation treatments, Balneotherapy, Bathing and mud therapies, Physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment in thermal waters and Cardiovascular circuit.

All thermal treatments, whether private or through the Italian National Health Service must be booked in advance. The only exception regards: inhalation treatments.


National Health Service ConventionsHealth care and thermal cures

National Health Service Conventions

The cures offered at Bormio Terme in convention with the Italian National Health Service are: mud treatment with a thermal bath, thermal baths, inhalations and aerosol. 

Bormio Terme LABHealth care and thermal cures

Bormio Terme LAB

Bormio Terme LAB, with the support of Tecnobody's tech, is a highly innovative physiotherapy and motor rehabilitation centre based on actual evaluations and technology 100% made in Italy.

Inhalation and AerosolHealth care and thermal cures

Inhalation and Aerosol

Bormio Terme is affiliated to the Italian National Health Service for its inhalation treatments: therefore showing the prescription of your GP, or private specialist, every Italian citizen is entitled to a round of thermal treatments simply paying the standard 'ticket'.

OsteopathyHealth care and thermal cures


Osteopathy is an alternative medicine which consists in the manipulation of some parts of the body, in particular the back, the neck and the head to restore harmony and rebalance body tensions.  

Mud treatment and Water TherapyHealth care and thermal cures

Mud treatment and Water Therapy

We trust in the properties of thermal water to prevent and heal from rheumatic illness and treating dermatologic diseases. These treatments are perfect for the articulations and the muscular atrophy.

UltrasoundsHealth care and thermal cures



The cardiovascular circuitHealth care and thermal cures

The cardiovascular circuit

The cardiovascular circuit comprises a special "U" shaped pool, long and narrow and divided into two parts: the first, the longer one, contains hot thermal waters while the other is filled with cold spring water. 

Physiotherapy - RehabilitationHealth care and thermal cures

Physiotherapy - Rehabilitation

Entrust yourself to capable hands to regain functional capability and mobility independence, have your recovery driven by professionals alternating activities in the thermal water with moments of dry physical therapies. 

Medical VisitsHealth care and thermal cures

Medical Visits

Bormio Terme takes full advantage of the experience of medical specialists working in the Cure department receiving by appointment only. 


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