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Wellness Area

A thermal route for family between fun and relax. All the baths are fed by naturally warm thermal water that leave your skin relaxed and hydrated. 

Adult Daily Entrance
22 €
Adult Daily Entrance

Beauty and Massages

Make the very most of a day at the Bormio spa complex with treatments within our Beauty Centre. 

Tuina Chinese Massage
45 €
Tuina Chinese Massage

Beauty Line

To beneficial properties of thermal waters led to the creation of Bormio Terme's Cosmetic Line, products which rely exclusively on the most natural elements. 

Purifying Facial Cream
25 €
Purifying Facial Cream

Our Courses

Water is a genuine ally in facilitating the physical and mental health for all ages. Resident staff can boast years of experience in water activities and organise courses for adults, infants, children and the whole family indeed. Starting with water-based activities like swimming, give hydro-bike and aqua-fitness programmes a try… discover the full range of activities available at Bormio Terme.

60 €

Cafè and Restaurant

“Terme Bistrot” and “Terrace Bar” are our areas to rediscover the joy of staying together. 

Sauna's tips

Before losing yourself to the pleasures of the sauna it's better to know benefits and side effects.

Spend a moment in the heat of the sauna, lying on a towel, with closed eyes to let the tiredness go.

We asked some question to Dr. Cinzia Fiorentini, chief medical officer of Bormio Terme, to find out rituals, side effects and benefits of this practice.

Is the sauna suitable for everyone?

Broadly speaking we can say that sportsmen, that have already undertaken a medical checkup and are used to efforts and sweating, can embrace the sauna without any particular contraindication. 

For those who aren't so used to the physical effort is instead advisable to prior consult their GP, there are in fact some particular medical conditions that contraindicate the sauna experience.

Those suffering from heart failure, for example, should avoid this practice, the same for those suffering from some circulatory illnesses or dermatologic diseases, especially during the acute stage.

A valid alternative to the sauna it's the Biosauna, that's because of the lower heat and the slightly higher percentage of humidity. 

What's the right procedure to approach this practice? 

First of all, it's a good habit to bathe with warm water before undertaking the sauna. The time of the stay depends a lot on the resistance of the person: those not trained shouldn't stay for more than 15 minutes.

Maybe alternating with a couple of fresh showers that allow cleaning the skin and improving the sweating.
At the end of the session, it's really important to spend 10/15 minutes of relaxation, even better if wrapped in a dry towel and lying with the legs slightly raised.
The sweating needs to slowly stop, therefore it's a mistake to have a shower and quickly get changed right after the sauna.

What about the reaction pools with cold water?

They cause a thermal shock that stimulates the contraction of blood vessels. It reactivates circulation, but there is no need for complete immersion it's enough to submerge the legs to have a deep feeling of relief and general relaxation. 

Is there any special diet to follow?

Before entering the sauna it's suggested to drink water and maybe having a snack with fruits or vegetables. It's advised not to enter after a big feast but not even with an empty stomach.

It's, of course, discouraged the use of alcohol neither before nor after the sauna. The same pieces of advice are valid for the post-sauna: fruits and vegetables are ideal to recover the mineral salts lost with the perspiration.

Enter the sauna after a gym workout might cause problems?

Absolutely not, on the contrary, the heat helps the relaxation of muscles. Stretching in the sauna? Preferable to avoid it.

What's the reason why after a sauna you feel incredibly tired?

We need to be careful and don't make confusion: tiredness is caused by work, fatigue and stress, while the effect given by the sauna is the relaxation, something totally different. 
It's like if our body would say: "It's alright, just enjoy this moment and let yourself go". In this case, the suggestion is to listen to your body.

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