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Wellness Area

A thermal route for family between fun and relax. All the baths are fed by naturally warm thermal water that leave your skin relaxed and hydrated. 

Daily admission Adult
28 €
Daily admission Adult


Make the very most of a day at the Bormio spa complex with treatments within our Beauty Centre. 

Body active massage
49 €
Body active massage
Body active massage
49 €
Body active massage

Our Courses

Water is a genuine ally in facilitating the physical and mental health for all ages. Resident staff can boast years of experience in water activities and organise courses for adults, infants, children and the whole family indeed. Starting with water-based activities like swimming, give hydro-bike and aqua-fitness programmes a try… discover the full range of activities available at Bormio Terme.

62 €

Cafè and Restaurant

“Terme Bistrot” and “Terrace Bar” are our areas to rediscover the joy of staying together. 

FAQs: Beauty treatments and massages

The FAQs about the Beauty centre and our massages are listed on this page.

Questions about Lympho-press therapy

What is Lympho-press therapy?

It's a treatment based on a pressure's action that works on the lymphatic venous circulation making it more efficient and consequently helping to face the most common blemishes such as cellulitis, water retention, swelling.
For the purpose, the therapy involves the use of specific leggings with small pads wrapping from the abdomen to the feet.
According to the chosen program, they inflate and release with different intensity.

Questions about Thermotrim treatment

What is Thermotrim treatment?

Thermotrim treatment always begins with a relaxing massage using quintessences containing essential oils mixed together, useful to gain contact with your own energies, your emotions, with your true self.  

Muscles get loosen, tensions vanish and a state of global indulgence pervades all the body lifting it to a state of inner and physical wellness.

What are the benefits?

This machine operates directly onto the adipose areas: through cured silicon bands, applied on the treated areas (abdomen, legs, arms, double chin), the internal temperature is raised thanks to the emission of infrared rays. The heat rise favours the blood circulation and consequently the process of fats' metabolism and burning, allowing as well the toxins' disposal from which all the organism takes benefits. 

Questions about facial treatments

Which specific equipment do you use during facial treatments?

Face & Body 3.0: a futuristic technique involving the synergic action of 3 different tools (Radiofrequency, Dynamic Vacuum and Diode Laser) that guarantee various benefits in a single treatment.

Which are the main effects?

Face & Body 3.0, thanks to a customised approach, gives an efficient response to the main blemishes and it's recommended to both face and body.


  • Atony
  • Ageing and wrinkles
  • Acne's marks
  • Dull colour
  • Firmness
  • Lifting


  • Skin laxity
  • Cellulite
  • Localised Adiposity 
  • Lymphoedema
  • Reshaping
  • Tone

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