Thermal Pool for Children

Situated next to the thermal sports swimming pool is their very own thermal pool for children (around 16m x 4m) which has a depth of 60cm and a water temperature of approx. 32°C.

It’s particularly suitable for children not yet able to swim and for the very young. It hosts ‘baby’ swimming courses, during which with the help of games and appropriate aids the little ones can become familiar and gain confidence within the water in complete safety.

It’s a ‘fun-time’ little pool guaranteed to quell any fear of water for the young ones.

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Ambiente esterno 20,5 °C
Fonte 38,5 °C
Vasca bambini 34,0 °C
Vasca Natatoria 30,0 °C
Vasca 4 stagioni 33,5 °C
Loggia termale 30,0 °C
Vasca thermarium 34,0 °C
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