Biosauna Thermarium

The very heart of our Thermarium: an octagonal Biosauna structure completely wood-lined.

It’s a place imbued with an intimacy and warmth where a light steam wraps around your body ensuring that it heats up in a slow and more gradual fashion.

In you go, sit yourself down, relax and enjoy the enveloping hay essence.

Temperature: 50-60°C

Humidity: about 45-55%

Length of stay: 15-20 mins.

Frequency: Two or three times

Presence: 0 / 545

Ambiente esterno 14,5 °C
Fonte 38,5 °C
Vasca bambini 33,5 °C
Vasca Natatoria 30,0 °C
Vasca 4 stagioni 33,5 °C
Loggia termale 31,0 °C
Vasca thermarium 34,0 °C
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Anti-Aging Cleanser

€ 14,50
Picture of Pulizia del viso Plus 75 min.

Pulizia del viso Plus 75 min.

€ 75,00
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