Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna at Bormio Terme, constructed in traditional wood, typically boasts a temperature between 85 and 100 degrees centigrade, alongside a relative humidity of between 10% and 30%.

Despite such extremes of heat, thanks to perspiration the skin never exceeds a temperature of 42° (the pain threshold measures 46°), whilst at the same time the internal body temperature increases by a maximum of 1°C.

A stay of between 10 and 15 minutes is recommended, moving from the lower benches to those on high.

Shift gently from a lying position to a seated one and any moving about should be done at a leisurely pace.

On exiting we recommend a shower and a dip in cold natural spring water.

Entry is limited to 16 years old visitors and above.

Presence: 0 / 545

Ambiente esterno 13,0 °C
Fonte 38,0 °C
Vasca bambini 33,0 °C
Vasca Natatoria 25,5 °C
Vasca 4 stagioni 33,5 °C
Loggia termale 30,5 °C
Vasca thermarium 32,0 °C
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