Properties of the water

The thermal water that supplies Bormio Terme comes from the "Cinglaccia" spring where it gushes out at a temperature of between 37°c and 40°c degrees centigrade. Classification: Mineral,sulphate bicarbonate alkaline, earthy,slighty radioactive thermal water.

Organic and chemical characteristics:

Appearance Clear Sodium(Na+) mg/l 21
Colour Without colour Magnesium(Mg++) mg/l 60
Odour Without odour Calcium(Ca++) mg/l 240
Specific electrical conductivity μS/cm 18°C 1.277 Chloride(CL-) mg/l 7
pH 7 Bicarbonate(HCO3-) mg/l 164,7
Free carbon dioxide (CO2) mg/l 20,6 Sulphate(SO4--) mg/l 733
Fixed residue at 180°c mg/l 1.202 Iron(Fe) mg/l 0
Total hardness °f mg/l 84 Manganese(Mn) mg/l 0,005
Oxidation to permanganate 0,3 Copper (Cu) mg/l 0,007
Ammonia (NH3) mg/l <0,05 Lead (Pb) mg/l 0,03
Nitrites (NO2) mg/l <0,02 Crome (Cr) mg/l 0,015
Nitrates(NO3) mg/l 0,35 Cromo esavalente (Cr) mg/l <0,01
Silica(SiO2) mg/l 23,6 Zinc (Zn) mg/l 0,015
Potassium(K+) mg/l 4,7 Cadmium (Cd) mg/l 0,007
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