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Anyone who thinks that thermal baths are good only for adults are mistaken.
Bormio Terme, the spa park in the heart of Bormio, is the example of how to spend a day in the thermal waters finding relaxation and fun for the whole family.

The area Sports and Wellness in Bormio Terme includes eight pools of thermal water naturally warm, some are indoors, others outdoors.
Among these is a hot 25m swimming pool  indoor for swimmers and a circular pool  suited to stimulate the circulation of the legs of those who "deals" counter-current and a panoramic outdoor pool with massage beds where you can enjoy the view and see the famous ski slope "Stelvio slope".

For the youngest  guests there are three dedicated pools where you can have fun with jets and bubbles of water, two indoor and one outdoor (not accessible during the winter season).
In addition, for the more adventurous kids, there's a slide of 60 meters where you can have fun (under 10 accompanied by an adult in the descent).
During the summer season, available to children and adults also Giocagiardino, a playground in the green, where fun and relax out of the water.

"Sempreverde area" and the area of "Thermarium" are two spaces dedicated to sauna, bio sauna, steam room and relaxation areas, these tanks for exclusive use for adults over 16 years. In the Thermarium and Evergreen you can be accessed without costume.
Finally there is also a spa called "Loggia termale", indoor but no glass in the windows with massage beds and jets for cervicale. Also the lodge spa tub is reserved for adults.

The entire perimeter of the property is surrounded by a vast green area which in summer becomes an open-air solarium and winter is covered with snow giving magical sensations to those who are immersed in the tank.

Recall that Bormio Terme has no housing, but work with more than 90 facilities located in Bormio and in the surrounding area where you can choose the type of structure that best fits your needs. Click on the "accommodation" link on our home page, enter your preferences in the box and find the most suitable structures to you for your stay.

The spa following three types of time slots depending on low, medium or high season, and depending on the time there are some areas that are not accessible.
To know the time in force in this period see the page for times (by clicking here).

We are in the center of Bormio, in the heart of the country, in Via Stelvio 14.
If you come from Milan, once entered in Bormio, reached the only traffic light go straight for 100 meters towards Valdidentro and we are on the right side of the road.
After seeing the structure Bormio Terme, continue 50m along the baths and on the right you will find the entrance to the covered parking to leave the car, for a fee.
For all customers of our departments there is a discount on the parking rate, to use them you must present to the staff of the various departments withdrew the ticket upon entry.
The plant, which is located a few minutes walk from the Old Town is easily reachable on foot from all over the country.

Bormio Terme is built on 4 floors accessible by foot or by lift:

  • on the ground floor is the entrance to the conference center and restaurant Bistrot, both overlook the square of Bormio Terme,
  • on the first floor leads to the department dedicated to Spa Treatments and rehabilitation area with massages and physiotherapy,
  • on the second floor are the cases of access to the thermal path Sport and Wellness, the shop Bormio Terme and the beauty center
  • on the third floor they are located the administrative offices.

For information, to book treatments and classes or buy products from our online Bormio Terme you can also go at our Info Point in Via Roma 74.

No, the booking of the entrance to Bormio Terme is not provided;
Sport and Wellness industry has a capacity of over 500 people which is monitored at entrance turnstiles and it is also available in real time by visiting the home page site of Bormio Terme.
In high-traffic periods (eg.Christmas Holidays) may happen to have to wait in line to gain access to the Spa, so we recommend users to see real-time presence on the home page of the site to evaluate when is the best time to reach us.

All children right from an early age can come and visit.
Admission for children under 6 years of age is free of charge, while for boys between the ages of 6 years and 15 years (old), the ticket price is reduced.
We therefore recommend to all families to show up at the cash with identification certifying the age of small users.

The single entrance to the path Sport and Wellness can occur in various types:

  • entrance(unlimited stay)
  • entrance evening (starting everyday at 5 p.m.)

Rates vary from period of high, medium or low season, available on our website under "rates Sport and Wellness."
Users "over 65" enjoy a 20% discount and children under 16 years have a 30% discount. Check all the rates in effect by clicking here.

For families there are specific packages that allow you to enter and save money, are called the FAMILY PACKAGES created for

  • 2 adults + 1 child / minor boy (aged between 6 and 15 years old)
  • 2 adults + 2 children / teen boys (aged 6 to 15 years old)
  • 2 adults + 3 children / young children (aged 6 to 15 years old)

On our site you can pre purchase your ticket or single family and use it within one year from date of purchase, click here to access the online shop.

For GROUPS of more than 15 people you can contact us at this address to request a particular listing:
Note that you must contact Bormio Terme in advance to arrange access to a group at the thermal path. Tel. (+ 39) 0342 901325

For children under 3 years old must use restraining swimsuit and plastic diaper containment.
The swimming cap is mandatory for all users, as well as the costume and plastic slippers.
The ticket does not include linen, you can rent towels (1 €) and bathrobes (3.00 €) at the entrance and exit or return them directly to bring your own bedding. Always at the cash you can purchase headphones (2.50 €) and disposable slippers (€ 3).
If you are missing something, there is one well-stocked shop located next to the input boxes.
Inside the locker room are the free hairdryers so no need to bring a hair dryer.
In order to preserve the hygiene in the structure, it is not allowed to bring into the path stroller or wheelchair, therefore recommend to obtain seat transportable (egg) for younger children.
In the locker room there are family cabins, spacious and equipped with a changing table;for breastfeeding can use the relaxation areas and the bar.

Upon entering the personal delivery to all users paying a swatch / electronic transponder that serves as an electronic key for the cabinet.
Equipped with transponders we proceed in the area of mixed changing rooms, where we change clothes and shoes and then go to the area of the cabinets.
There is a central column with a monitor. Each user must place their swatch under this monitor player.
On the screen of the monitor shows the number assigned to the user that corresponds to a number of cabinet.
We must then go to the cabinet with the specified number, enter their belongings and close the locker. As the cabinet is activated, a red light; the cabinet is considered closed and inaccessible only after the light with the red light goes off. A light off check that the leaf opens.
To withdraw their assets just reappear at the monitor of the central column and repeat the reading of the transponder.
Exit return the transponder to the staff of the speakers. *
 We made this video demonstration on the steps, click here to see it.
* Be careful not to lose the transponder, if you lose you will be asked to pay the following items: cost of the bracelet is 10 €, after filling out a form of loss accompanied by the identification document, paying the cost of buying and bathrobe towel bars and a lump sum of € 50.00 for a total amount of up to € 105.00.

In Bormio Terme you can not bring food from outside or organize picnics in the green areas of the park; within the property is a terrace bar serving light lunches and snacks fast, as well as an area with herbal teas and yogurt with healthy snacks, herbal teas and fresh centrifuges.
As for the purchase of drinks in Bormio Terme, you can record consumption on the clock / transponders already used for the cabinet.
Once you exit at cash you can pay the amount consumed in the bar-terrace, it is therefore not necessary to have cash with them while staying within the thermal path.
To complete the day on the ground floor there is the Bistrot, open to all, where you can taste delicious dishes of the day and is great place to complete a day of relaxation.

No, for reasons of hygiene pets are not allowed inside the facility.

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