Physiotherapy - Rehabilitation

Difficulties in movement due to muscle or joint problems can happen to anyone, perhaps as a the result of an accident or a post-operative condition - ailments which in order to be overcome require the assistance of specialists.
It was precisely as a reaction to these issues that the new Rehabilitation Centre was established and here - which with the support of specialised staff - it's possible to undergo a series of treatments which thanks to the use of thermal waters can reduce recovery time to a minimum and help to regain an optimum independence of movement.
Rehabilitative action has two fundamental objectives:

to regain any lost capacity due to pathological factors
to prevent regression of any functions, trying to revise the natural course of chronic-degenerative diseases, reduce risk factors and check any progression.

Moreover, physiotherapy treatment can be useful as preparation prior to surgery, and/or in facilitating post-operative recovery thus limiting the period of disability.

The Centre undertakes both traditional (dry) orthopaedic rehabilitation and that involving thermal waters.

Presence: 85 / 545

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