Mud Therapy

Bormio Terme is affiliated (classified at the highest level) for its for mud and balneotherapy within the Italian Health Service.

A prescription from an individual's doctor or specialist makes it possible for every Italian citizen to have a course of thermal treatments simply by paying the relevant 'ticket'.

The mud is produced by mixing a solid component (organic and/or inorganic) with thermal mineral waters. The therapeutic potential derives from the thermal qualities of the waters within which the solid has been introduced and then 'matured' for several months.

It's usual for the therapy to take place on an empty stomach or after a very light meal, in appropriate dressing rooms. The mud is heated to a temperature of around 50°C and applied to the prescribed areas. The patient is then covered to prevent heat loss.

At the end of the session the patient undergoes what's known as a therapeutic bath in the thermal waters, or if preferred, a shower rinse in thermal waters and afterwards is seated on a bed in an adjoining dressing room where the sweating process continues.

It's during this period that the therapeutic biological 'reaction' induced by the mud treatment - is checked.

It is considered particularly effective in treating localised arthritis and muscle contractures.

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