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Bormio Terme is affiliated (classified at the highest level) for its inhalation treatments through the Health Service via a patient's personal doctor, or specialist or by private arrangement; hence every Italian citizen is entitled to the range of thermal treatments by simply paying the standard 'ticket'.

Inhalation treatments adopt a range of techniques and involve the introduction within the respiratory system of thermal waters in a vaporised state with all the gases contained within. This is not only through the direct and targeted effect on the major respiratory system itself but also via the mucous membranes to the lymphatics and bloodstream, hence reaching out to other organs within the body promoting a strengthening of defence systems throughout.

Inhalation techniques adopted within the Bormio Terme complex take advantage of the earthy waters containing sulphates, bicarbonates, alkalines and are listed below:

Inhalations: a direct stream of hot pressurised water targeting possible ailments in the upper respiratory tract such as: rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis

Aerosol using flowing water: Thermal waters particularly finely broken down and thus capable of reaching the pulmonary alveolus. It's directed towards the cure of ailments within the lower respiratory tracts such as bronchitis.

Sonic Aerosol: an intermittent stream of sound waves at a frequency of 100 Hz gives the thermal water particles a very particular movement that allows them to reach the sinuses and the middle ear.

Ionic Aerosol: the thermal water particles, negatively charged, repel each other and thus remain particularly small. This allows them to penetrate to the lower airways, improving the resulting absorption in the mucosa and realising a potent anti-allergy effect.

Micronized showers: in this case the thermal water particles are larger than those of traditional aerosols and are driven under pressure directly into the nostrils. The result is an immediate liquefaction of secretions in the nasal, post-nasal and throat regions. A cure directed towards all catarrhal ailments of nose, throat and sinusitis.

The department for inhalation treatments has 48 posts and is capable of delivering more than 1,000 treatments per day.

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